In parallel to my PhD thesis and our work in the projects AEGIS and SCOTT, there is another EU project worth to look at, working on the unexcavated treasure of vehicle data: the automat-project (coordinated by Volkswagen AG). They have now uploaded two nice videos in order to illustrate the problem and their solution in an easy way. Although I don’t fully support their solution (there is no need for an OEM backend), I think the videos show the potential of this topic and our work: weiterlesen

At Jan 24 our project partners Efi, Emmanuel (both SICS, Sweden) and Gonzalo (JIG Internet Consulting, Spain) visited us in Graz for a face2face meeting regarding our joint development of a quantified vehicle application scenario in the SCOTT project. Many thanks to my colleagues Andreas, Alex and Manfred which held the meeting doing a great job (I just popped in for the photo..), because I am on parental leave („dad month“) at the moment.

The quantified car topic is part of another big EU project named SCOTT (Secure COnnected Trustable Things), coordinated by Virtual Vehicle Research Center.

I’ve attended the SCOTT Kick Off meeting in Graz (group picture below) and will also attend the next plenary meeting in Porto.

Copyright: SCOTT project; EU Project SCOTT – Kick-Off Meeting in Graz, May 22-23, 2017 – SCOTT (Secure COnnected Trustable Things), a pan-European, 40 million Euro research project led by VIRTUAL VEHICLE with 57 key partners from 12 countries (incl. Brazil) will provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of wireless, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity. The project will foster the European leadership for Smart and Connected Things and will strengthen Europe’s independence for security enabling components and systems. More information: