Papers at VEHITS 2020 and FRUCT 2020

I am pleased to announce that we are also successful with conference papers in 2020.

The VEHITS paper summarizes and describes the results, which have been developed together with the consortium partners JIG and RISE in the SCOTT project. In addition, the University of Rostock was involved with a study on the privacy of vehicle data. The paper shows how a data-driven service based on vehicle data can be built step by step and where privacy should be considered.

[bibtex file=references-bibtex.bib key=vehits2020qcar template=default-bibtex highlight=“Kaiser“]

In the FRUCT paper we were invited to support Friedrich Lindow (University of Rostock) and Alexey Kashevnik (SPIIRAS and University of St. Petersburg, respectively). An existing smartphone app, which collects data while driving, is extended with an AI component to optimize the thresholds for events for each driver individually.

[bibtex file=references-bibtex.bib key=fruct2020ai template=default-bibtex highlight=“Kaiser“]